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ornament c History of 4 generations master printers


In 1912 Arthur BAEYENS opened a lithographic printing business and built his home, with a shop, next to the workshop. His plans were interrupted by World War I, therefore the real start was after the war.

The actual shop, located Grotesteenweg 81 in Berchem, was opened in 1919 under the name :
"Papierhandel - Papeterie A. Baeyens - De Ley".

After World War II, the second generation switched from lithographic to offset printing.

The actual limited company "BAEYENS NV." was created in 1952.

The third generation focused on the specialization in high quality and luxury printing.

The fourth generation cherishes the acquired expertise and combines “old” skills with state-of-the-art digital techniques.




Arthur Baeyens